• Badrish Chandramouli
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  • Microsoft Research
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I am a principal researcher in the database group at Microsoft Research. My research focuses on big data, stream processing, high-performance incremental analytics, and key-value stores.

Starting 2012, I led the creation of Trill, a high-performance incremental analytics engine built as a .NET library. Trill employs a new "one-size-fits-many" system architecture that provides best-of-breed or better performance across a diverse range of analytics styles and latency needs. You can learn more about Trill from the research paper here or from my VLDB slides here. Trill binaries are now publically available (go here for details) under a non-commercial license. Prior to Trill, my work on streams research shipped commercially as part of Microsoft SQL Server, as the StreamInsight engine.

Recently, I led the creation of a new high-performance key-value store called FASTER. FASTER bridges the gap between larger-than-memory and pure in-memory data structures using a novel hybrid log organization. FASTER is now open-source under the MIT license - you can find it here.

Click here for a list of my publications.

Recent News

The FASTER demo will appear at VLDB!

FASTER is now open source!

The FASTER research paper appeared at SIGMOD:


Last updated: August 26, 2018