• Badrish Chandramouli
  • Senior Researcher
  • Microsoft Research
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I am a senior researcher in the database group at Microsoft Research. My research focuses on big data, stream processing, high-performance incremental analytics, and Cloud computing.

Most recently, I created Trill, a high-performance incremental analytics engine built as a .NET library. Trill employs a new "one-size-fits-many" system architecture that provides best-of-breed or better performance across a diverse range of analytics styles and latency needs. You can learn more about Trill from the research paper here or from my VLDB slides here. I also work on Tempe, a visual Web-based front-end for real-time analytics with Trill. Prior to Trill and Tempe, I worked on streams research which shipped commercially as the Microsoft StreamInsight engine.

Click here for a list of my publications.


Collaborations with my viz colleagues are bearing fruit!

The Trill paper was accepted to appear at the VLDB 2015 conference.


Last updated: Jan. 1, 2016