• Badrish Chandramouli
  • Senior Researcher
  • Microsoft Research
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I am a senior researcher in the database group at Microsoft Research. My research focuses on big data, stream processing, high-performance incremental analytics, and Cloud computing.

Most recently, I created Trill, a high-performance incremental analytics engine built as a .NET library. Trill employs a new "one-size-fits-many" system architecture that provides best-of-breed or better performance across a diverse range of analytics styles and latency needs. You can learn more about Trill from the research paper here or from my VLDB slides here. I also work on Tempe, a visual Web-based front-end for real-time analytics with Trill. Prior to Trill and Tempe, I worked on streams research which shipped commercially as the Microsoft StreamInsight engine.

Click here for a list of my publications.


Several recent papers were accepted at conferences. A few are listed here:

I gave an invited talk at the DEBS 2016 conference in Irvine, CA. Slides for my talk, titled "From Trill to Quill: Pushing the Envelope of Functionality and Scale" are available as pptx here, and on SlideShare here.

Paper with Justin Levandoski and Eli Cortez, on cold state management for streams, appeared at ICDE 2016 [link].


Last updated: November 22, 2016